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We love when clients come to us with a challenge, and CF Groups did just that. Working with a family business is thrilling for our team, but can be tricky - it is essential to make sure that you respect the previous generations and the work they put into the business while nailing the needs of the new direction of the company and the current markets. Fortunately, our team has done this several times already (go check out our work with Zarcon and Salon Alessandro to see more on that). CF Groups brought us in early so we could work with them and their team as they built their plans for the future. This allowed us to create a strategy for our work that complemented their organizational design. We assisted them with a brand update, copywriting, and web development (from an audit to a market assessment, to design, development, launch and ongoing maintenance).

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Logo Refresh + Branding

Working with CF Groups (CFG) and CF Industrial (CFI) on a rebrand was a lot of fun for our team. They represent a successful family business that has grown, developed, and excelled through two generations and now is moving into their third. The family behind the brand is very much involved in their community and has ensured that they use their knowledge to support not only the city in which they live but also the markets they serve and their industries. Both CFG and CFI are also known for their innovation which allowed them to tackle new challenges as the world changed around them. That passion for growth and innovation was critical for their brand moving forward, as was their family feel, but their new modern approach to business also needed to be captured. We kept their brand colours and some of the shapes in their logo to ensure that they would be recognized quickly, even with a change. The design team then took these pillars of their logo and adapted them into the fresh, modern feel that you see here and that their new leadership team represents.

Web Design + Development

With a new brand, new direction, new logo, it was clear that CFG and CFI needed updated websites to drive home their stand out position in the market. Once we finalized the logo, our team got right into designing the new websites. With the research done on the market, competitors, customers, and goals of the site, it was time for a site map and an outline for content. CFG is the main landing page for customers, as it outlines all of the group organizations and their position in the market. From there, a customer can dig into a specific business for more information, but briefly, as we know, people don't have the time (or attention span) to read many details these days. CFI has it's own site as well given the breadth of the business and the technical content which proves their prowess in this area. The key to these sites was to minimize time customers need to spend on the sites to understand why they should choose CFG while maximizing SEO for the organization.