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Fortis Construction Group Inc. is a company we have followed since its inception after supporting one of its founding partners for many years. In recent years we've worked with Fortis occasionally on unique one-off projects. As Fortis' marketing requirements changed, we were engaged in providing ongoing creative support and design for various projects and endeavours under the Fortis umbrella. With a team of forward-thinking entrepreneurs, designers, industry experts, partners, and marketing specialists, we knew that we could jump in as an extension of this fantastic company's internal marketing department. Since then, we've had the opportunity to work on several projects together and support them in various areas of their business.

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Social Media

Fortis has an internal marketing team active on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. As they continue to engage with their clients, employees, partners, and followers in those mediums, they requested some support from us in the graphics they use with their posts. Together, we developed a plan and process which includes providing their marketing team with graphics or media in whatever format will best support their engagement plan. What is considered by the joint team when we're developing a post? Many components, including if it should be a video and the type of music that is crucial for engagement, or is it a static post where they will focus their engagement on the post content and comments? Essential for all these posts is that the Fortis brand is reflected and communicated effectively. Social media is a time-consuming activity that can drive your business forward, so is there a way we can be an extension of your team to help your business grow?


We have said this before; print is not dead. Many industries and clients still use print materials to showcase their projects and products and communicate with their partners. Fortis is strategic about what they print and how based on who they are engaging with. Knowing their needs allows us to help them design suitable print materials that complement their social material, website and overall brand. From simple items, like letterhead, to invitations for events, the print materials help them convey their brand message and the subject of discussion. As with Fortis, we're flexible, providing some print services in-house while also working with their preferred local vendor.

Brand Guidelines

Fortis Construction Group Inc. already had a solidified brand that aligned directly with its mission statement and strongly represents the company's core values. We often engage with clients from square one on their branding journey. Since Fortis already had a strong brand in place, our role was to document their brand aesthetics via a brand guideline package that ensures future consistency on design projects across the board. The brand guideline package includes specifications on logo placement, logo orientation, colour swatches, detailed typography styles, including hierarchy and more.


The Fortis team is very engaged in their community, which is something we love about the company. Fortis' internal marketing team will often develop company and customer engagement events, partner events, or support local charitable foundations. As they work through the specifics of their events, they connect with our team to talk through how we can help. At Pure, we have team members skilled at bringing your event to life through print, email, web and social content. We've had the opportunity to work on some incredible events and initiatives with Fortis. We've produced web pages, information packages, sponsorship collateral, apparel design, signage, social media graphics, print, and more for golf tournaments, employee events and charitable initiatives.

Digital Marketing

In the current digital landscape, a company's ability to engage with customers and partners through digital mediums is one of the most critical aspects of an effective marketing strategy. Our team has worked with the team at Fortis on email marketing, video marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search advertising. We work with our clients to determine their target audience, competitors & goals and then work to create campaigns that align.

Special Projects

Let's be honest, our captain at Pure lives for special projects. The wilder the idea, the better, according to Adam. It's not shocking then that the team also craves these challenges from time to time. Over the years, the Fortis team has sent us some exciting projects that allowed us to push boundaries and have some fun. We've designed custom portable bartending stations for events, inflatable furniture for customer hosting events, bobbleheads, birthday cards, holiday cards for corporate gifting, truck wraps, custom artwork - the list goes on. If you can dream it, we want to be part of turning it into a reality. But, regardless of how wild, or crazy we still capture the essence and positioning of the company's brand. We're serious about design and driven by creativity.