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Since we know a thing or two or five about the landscape industry (check out our contractor’s page) when one of our existing clients was looking to venture into opening a bulk landscape supply yard, they called us. We’ve been working with The Landscape Depot since its inception on everything from initial business concept through to physical site design and ongoing branding and marketing projects.

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Web Design + Development

The Landscape Depot site showcases the product line up they offer, along with some of their top and most popular products. A material calculator built-in allows customers to calculate on their own roughly how much bulk material they will require for their project. The site also includes a custom online ordering system from which customers can order, pay, and have their deliveries scheduled – all based on a client’s geographic location. We worked closely with The Landscape Depot to build a solution that would limit the online system to mainstream orders only ensuring that complex multi-product orders or orders over a specific size be placed via phone with their staff. This is not only critical for their business but also aligns with their focus on customer satisfaction, which is crucial for us as well.


The Landscape Depot uses print materials throughout their season. From their essential catalogue of materials through to mailers sent at strategic times, all of their print design and collateral is produced by the awesome team here at Pure. Given we understand their business and their vert specific season, we also work with them to make sure we get ahead of their needs, so they can capitalize on the time they have to drive sales to their customers.