Robert Soroka
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Robert Soroka and his team approached us to help build out his brand as he was preparing for a breakout year from karting into cars. As with any motorsport athlete, we tailored a branding package based on current brand status, digital footprint and marketing collateral. We worked to identify critical areas that would provide not only a return on investment but build a foundation to continue to build off of in years to come.

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Brand Design

When we were approached, Robert had no branding, however a strong vision of what he was looking for visually. Our first step was to not only utilize a wish list but spend some time with Robert getting to know him and his personality. We provided three different (and awesome) options for his brands’ logo and with feedback produced what his current logo is. We kept it simple and bold, incorporating his name into what can be a stand-alone lettermark that flows like a race circuit. Robert was instrumental in choosing the bold red colour, which embodies his fiery on track nature.

Web Design + Development

When Robert approached us, he had a partial website that was broken with inconsistencies. It just didn’t reflect the style and professionalism that prospective partners would require. Robert wanted a website that was visually appealing, flashy, professional and relayed the latest news and happenings to his partners and fans. The CMS backed site our team created for him allows his team to update the site with his racing schedule and results as they feel fit.

Marketing Deck

The Soroka team were looking to prepare for the upcoming race season. As with most drivers that meant putting together funding part of which includes engaging with potential partners for his open-wheel debut. It was important for Robert and his team to have a marketing deck and partner package that supported their upcoming meetings with prospective partners.


A picture represents a thousand words – and when you are building your brand and your associated collateral, the photos you use can make or break the complete package. We set up a photoshoot for Robert to grab some updated shots for his website, social, marketing deck, and for future use as needed. We supplied the professional photographer, location, props, lighting, and Robert just had to show up and take the spotlight.