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We’ve been working with the Zarcon Landscape crew for over 8 years. They’re a family run Landscaping company based out of Niagara, Ontario and we have been along for the ride as their business has grown and changed – especially over the last two years. We assist them with everything from brand development, messaging, copywriting, web (initial design + development + ongoing maintenance + updates), all their print collateral design and printing and most recently their social media and online strategy. We love when we get to work with a company in all these facets – it allows us to get out the big guns on our team and bring it all together for the client.

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Logo + Branding

We’ve completed two distinct branding projects for Zarcon. The first was early in our relationship in 2012, and the most recent was in 2019. The needs of the company in 2012 and 2019 were vastly different. In 2019 the company came to us looking to elevate their brand to reflect a premium look and feel. They had grown and adapted in the past 7 years and after looking at their core focus areas and their projections they wanted a brand that would reflect the company’s focus on inspired design, attention to detail, and quality – and then, of course, attract the associated clientele. The new brand is slick but still holds on to their roots & history in the family business.

Web Design + Development

As part of the 2019 rebrand, a complete website overhaul was also on the docket. Of course, the site was created to reflect the brand, services, and where the company was headed. The messaging from their old site was taken and elevated. Since they offer a wide variety of services, one of the focuses was user experience and making the site easy to navigate for those looking for a specific service. The way we decided to structure the site allows each service umbrella to be easily found and navigated. This particular site is a full custom WordPress build that includes dynamic features while also being optimized for search engine results to drive business – because who doesn’t need SEO to get a leg up on competitors these days?


Print collateral plays a vital role in many businesses. With Zarcon, we complete several projects each year, which are tied to their business goals and direction. The work we do with them in this space includes typical business collateral (business cards, letterhead, envelopes), services brochures for consultations, and a wide variety of mailers which are targeted for various times of the year and service offerings. If we didn't know their business, we wouldn't be able to provide them with the same type of print and strategic support - which is why we prefer to sit down and talk about your strategy together so we can plan together.

Social Media

When these guys are in the heart of their season, they don't have time to mess around with social media - but they want to make sure people know what they are up to. That is where we come in. We manage regularly schedule social media posting for them based on their input and feedback. Typically we work with them to create 1-3 months of posts at a time and use tools to support near-automatic posting. That doesn't limit the team though - they can still post at any time when something cool happens on a job or at an event. Creating a schedule ahead of time allows us target posts at different times of the year for special promotions that are mixed with general content.

General Marketing

You know that section of a job description that says "other duties as required"? Well, that is what this is in our world. We assist the Zarcon team with all types of general marketing initiatives ranging from those described above to managing google business accounts, creating google ads, creating collateral and plans for one-off events like career fairs and more. We make time to plan their season with them in advance, but let's be honest things change so we often meet on-site in the dirt when it is needed to adapt to what their business and clients are looking for. If you're a landscape company or in the construction industry, we'd love to chat with you and see how we can give you a hand.