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The Alessandro Salon team are some of our OG customers. Over the years we have been able to work with them on a variety of projects, of all different sizes. The owner at the Salon is very in tune with her customers base and continues to pivot the business in response to their needs. That alone means that our work with them is critical - but it is also imperative given the fantastic work they put out day in and day out.

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The Salon itself has been in business for 40 years and has been passed down through three generations. When the team came to us, they were looking to rebrand for their new clientele, while keeping the original essence intact. Working with a family business to rebrand is no joke, it is essential to honour the past and also nail the present needs (thankfully we have done this a few times now - check out Zarcon and CF case studies for more examples). In the case of Alessandro Salon, their team and their customers are their family so that feeling was key to the rebrand. Plus, they employ award-winning artists who are at the top of their game, so that also needed to be captured. The new logo, therefore, included the scissors from the past and some similar typography - but also brought in modern shapes and a cleaner design to capture this era. The Salon's trademark orange became a focal point for their brand, and into some of the other pieces, we have done for them as well.

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With a new brand, the team also wanted a new website to highlight who they are. In the digital age and their industry with a lot of competition, it is crucial to catch a customer's attention very quickly - and hold it. Their website is therefore very modern, trendy, responsive, witty, and shows off their skills and talent. The (WordPress) site is also mobile-friendly for those customers looking at them on the go and is connected closely to the content they put on their social channels. Most importantly though their website connects to their booking system so their customers can quickly get the next appointment they covet. As the world has been shifting the Alessandro Salon team has as well, and their website highlights all the current news their customers will need to know before booking or arriving at the Salon. Lastly (as if all that wasn't exciting enough) they have a (Shopify) store set up for their customers to purchase products that they resell, and their custom products they have created to keep the salon feeling alive at home. The Pure team made sure the site was easy to manage and update as often as the Salon team needs.


The A team at the Salon work on some pretty cool projects and have the opportunity to showcase them onsite. The Pure crew loves to see what the A team has been up to, and the chance to make their latest creations into works of art that get printed. Over the years the Pure team has designed and printed various items for the Salon. From business cards to appointment cards, to storefront signage, to speciality notes and objects highlighted in the Bae Boxes - whatever the ladies come up with, we bring to life in print. The goal always is for their customers to have the same experience in the Salon as they do when they leave, so it is luxury for this group all around.

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